ZBiddy Reviews: Is ZBiddy a Scam or a Legit Penny Auction Site

ZBiddy Reviews: What is Zbiddy?
www.Zbiddy.com happens to be a fresh penny auction site that you may have seen a few advertisements online for. One can compare Zbiddy to eBay, but the prices are so different in range that on Zbiddy, you’re getting up to 90% off of what you would pay elsewhere. In today’s economy, 90% off is like a super clearance sale. Some people find the term “penny auction” confusing, and I’m here to tell you exactly what Zbiddy is about. Penny auctions are auctions in which you can increase the bid in your favor, one cent at a time. You do have to pay for each bid, but this keeps you from having to spend an arm and a leg on items that you’ve only dreamed of having. It’s great for birthday presents and other items that could end up breaking the bank at a regular retail store.


How does Zbiddy work? (How Do Penny Auctions Work)
On Zbiddy, the bid costs are literally pennies on the dollar for each bid you place. You can also buy larger bid packages for less money per bid, which is recommended for winning an item that you’re serious about. The site does require you to pay up front before each auction begins, and the larger the pack of Zbiddy bids that you buy, the cheaper each bid will be on your part. In the unfortunate event that you do not win the auction, Zbiddy will give you an ample chance to buy the product you were bidding for. All of the bids you placed in the auction go toward your purchase. In this circumstance, you have not lost money on the item, you’re just paying a tad more for it than you would have had you won. Zbiddy makes it to where you can’t lose in trying to win an auction.

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