Wipe New Review: Easy to Use Car Restorer Reviews

wipenewreviewWipe New Car Restorer Reviews.

Are you tired of looking at the faded paint on your car? Are you intimidated by the prohibitive cost of professional paint restoration? Then Wipe New is the answer to all of your car restoration woes! You can obtain the same or better results as the so-called professionals at a fraction of the cost and with longer lasting results.

Wipe New is applied to the surface of the vehicle to restore lost color and shine. There are many products on the market that contain silicone for conventional restoration and claim to enhance the color and look of your car. The drawback to these products is that the results may only last a few months. Wipe New can last for several years with no loss of effect.

How Does Wipe New Car Restorer Work?

wipe new car restorer reviewsWipe New has a chemical composition that resembles a nano polymer compound. This special formula enables Wipe New to interact with the car’s finish and penetrate to the metal, to restore your vehicle to showroom condition. The Wipe New solution will act like a shield and will protect your vehicle from harsh elements such as UV Rays, salt and rain.

Applying Wipe New to your car is quite simple. There is no special skill involved, nor do you need any specialized equipment. A pro detailing kit is included with your order of Wipe New, including two yellow applicator cloths, nitrile gloves, detail brush, headlight prep pad and red headlight applicator cloth, so you can start the process of restoring your car to showroom beauty immediately!

Follow the directions included. Apply a few drops of Wipe New on a clean cloth and stroke it onto the surface of your car. All subsequent strokes should be in the same direction. Be careful not to repeat application to an already treated area as this may lessen the effect. Keep your vehicle in a dry place for at least 24 hours to keep the new finish from spotting or streaking.

Wipe New Car Restorer is perfect for dashboards, bumpers, trim, rims and more! You can also use it on fiberglass! Order yours today!

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Wipe New Review / Quick Features Overview:wipenewprice

- This product is used by professionals

- Very easy to use

- Long lasting effect

- One application will restore and protect

- Use on Cars, Boats, RV’s, Motorcycles

- Use on inside and outside surfaces

- Saves you money and time!

Click Here To Order Wipe New / Visit Wipe New Official Webpage.