Walkfit Platinum Reviews: Do Walkfit Orthotics Insoles Work?

For those who have foot, knee, ankle or back pain, Walkfit Platinum Orthotic insoles are the ideal answers to these painful problems. These insoles also work great to reach a perfect body alignment.

Walkfit Platinum Orthotics are created to add comfort and support to your feet. Thus they are called orthotics and not simply insoles. They are made of plastic, either soft or hard, unlike the cushion-like insoles that most people wear. The solt plastic is made to be worn on the heel, while the hard plastic can be worn on the entire foot. Soft plastic is ideal for runners and serious walkers who need absorption from any hard impact. The hard plastic is contoured and molded in a way that will comfortably support the feet.

walkfitplatinumreviewsUnlike other cushions and insoles, the Walkfit Orthotics are supposed to fit a little shorter than your feet. After you remove the insole from your shoes, the orthotics should be inserted into your shoes by aligning the back of the insole with the back of the shoe. Once your put on your shoes, your heel should then be resting on the soft silver pad of the insole.

If they are inserted property, you should feel some pressure on the arch of your foot. Do not be discouraged if they feel uncomfortable at first; you just need a little time to get used to the feel of the new orthotics. Since the inserts are available in either low, medium or high, you need to start with the low. That is the best way to acclimate your feet to the orthotics, and also the best way to determine which ones will work the best to help you. Starting with either high or medium may keep you from wearing them at all.

This is the perfect time to try out the Walkfit Orthotics.