Pocket Hose Reviews: Does The As Seen On TV Hose Really Work?

pocket hose reviewsPocket Hose Review: The Flexible Hose As Seen On TV

The constant curse of trying to use a garden hose is that they are usually too short. Whether you are trying to spray down your car after a wash or clean off your deck after an afternoon barbecue, you need your hose available when you want it. When you are trying to drag the hose around a corner it is bound to bend, and when you leave it unattended for a few minutes it is going to kink up. Plus you have to organize it at the end of every use, which becomes an adventure on its own. There is no end to the struggle we endure to complete these small tasks.

It is no secret that most garden hoses cause nothing but grief, no matter what you are trying to do with it. Your favorite activity could be washing your car, but everybody knows that you dread getting that house out, leaving you to neglect some of your favorite activities.

For these reasons, this as seen on tv hose is becoming a new staple for families across the nation. This device actually gets small enough to fit into a pocket, hence its name. The short size of the hose enables users to wash a car or water the garden with no trouble at all.

As Seen On TV Hose Video Demonstration.


Don’t let the size fool you. The flexible hose as seen on tv is just as powerful as your large garden house, only it does not cause all the same trouble. You can finally wash down your patio without wreaking havoc on your lawn, or wash your car without kinks shutting you down. The Pocket Hose is extremely portable, making it easy to take from the front yard to back yard and so on. There is no longer a need to juggle the hose and your other car wash supplies when you can simply slip it into a pocket, bucket or small container.

You will find that the Pocket Hose is also quite easy to use. All you have to do is attach it to your water spigot and turn on the water. The hose will expand quickly, reaching the size of your ordinary garden hose. When you are done using your Pocket Hose all you must do is drain it. Your new hose will shrink back to its small size for easy storage.

When you no longer feel forced to deal with the hassle of a large, awkward hose, you will feel much more inclined to do all your favorite things once again. Thanks for reading our pocket hose reviews section.

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