Clean PC / Virus Scan: Mycleanpc Review

What does Clean My PC do? According to their site: MyCleanPC serves as a Personal computer optimization software. It can be installed right over the web. The software will then discover plus fix problems on your pc which may be impacting speed rate, overall performance, and the system on the whole.
What’s the catch?

– Only the scan is free.

– For repairs and optimization you’ll need to make a purchase of a software called cyber defender.

– Experts in the industry don’t consider the free scan or the up sell software a prominent product in the industry.

– People are reporting issues deleting the free scan software.

Reliable solution for a free pc scan / free virus scan?
Safer to use a free scan software provided by a trusted anti virus company. That wont give you any issues when you try to delete it after the scan. Example Below.

– Symantec (Norton Free Virus Scan) try this link or google keywords “symantec free virus scan” if the link doesn’t work.

– McAfee Free Virus Scan: try this link or google words “McAfee Free Virus Scan” if the link stops working.

– Kaspersky Free Virus Scan: linkĀ 

– AVG Scan:

You might need to purchase an antivirus software to clean your pc. Its better to have virus protection to begin with and avoid picking upĀ viruses and keeping your computer clean.

Your PC might not have a virus!
Sometimes you can take basic steps to clean your pc and/or make it operate better. See video’s below.
Video Tip 1
Video Tip 2

Video Tip 3