Learn To Speak Internet / Social Media Language

Check out this list of acronyms, abbreviations, and common slang used in Social Media, Forums, and Internet. Video goes over the most common; list below has more.



What Does This Mean?

What does smh mean = shaking my head.

What does tbh mean = to be honest.

What does ctfu mean = polite – Cracking the Freak Up and Explicit – Cracks the F*&k Up.

What does asl mean =  age sex location.

What does nsfw mean = Not Safe For Work.

What does btw mean = By The Way.

What does bbw mean = Big Beautiful Woman.

What does gpoy mean  = Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself.

What does imu mean = I Miss You.

What does sup mean = What’s up.

What does qi mean? = Quite Interesting.

What does ttys mean = Talk to you soon.

What does fym mean = Explicit – F?*k you mean.

What does wb mean = Welcome Back.

What does cbf mean = Explicit – can’t be f*^ked.

What does dank mean = Potent weed.

What does sob mean = Son Of A Bitch.

What does hth mean = Hope This Helps.

What does muah mean = Make Up and Hair and Multiple Unsuccessful Attempts to Humor.

What does tbh mean =  To Be Honest.

What does bff mean = Best Friends Forever.

What does dts mean = Down The Shore or Down To Snuggle.

What does mwah mean = Sound a Kiss Would Make.

What does smfh mean = Explicit – Shaking My F*^king Head.

What does gmh mean = Gives Me Hope.

What Does MMO mean = Massively Multiplayer Online.
What Does MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

What does sly mean = Still Love You.

What does bfd mean = Explicit – Big F&^%ing Deal.

What does aq mean = Adventure Quest.

What does aoe mean = Area Of Effect.

What does ftl mean = For The Loss.

What does wtf mean = Explicit – What The F*&^.

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