Hot Tub Prices: How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost

For people that want to unwind in style. Hot tubs are the way to go. Not only are hot tubs fun, some believe they also offer health benefits. Heat and massage elements are believed to help with stress relief, stiff muscles, and even sleep.

So How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

Low Price Range: $1250 – $2750
Typically a smaller 2 – 3 person tub.

Mid Price Range: $2750 – $7250
Larger tubs that fit 4 – 7 people, have jets / messagers, free standing tubs.

High Price Range: $7250 – $15250
These would be considered luxury hub tubs. Spacious, rich with features (messager, sound, tv’s, lighting), top grade material.

Outdoor tubs need a base: This can a wooden deck or special concrete pad. $500 to $3000 depending on the size and difficulty level.

Ongoing Expenses Include: Electricity and Chemicals $10 – $50 a month.

Buying a Used Hot Tub: Buying used hot tub can save money or get you a luxury model for a lower price. Do a little research before doing this. Places to shop for a used hot tub include specialized refurbished hot tub stores (Typically important working parts have been updated) or the local classifieds like Craigslist (Be careful what you buy and how long its going to last)

Buying a New Hot Tub: Having a local hot tub shop help with installation and tub selection is often the easiest way to go. Great hot tub prices can also be found in Costco, Home depot, or specialized online stores.