– How To Do A Free Background Check.

I’ve come across a website called its a great source for doing a free background check scan. The free scan consists of typing a name, phone number, or an email address. The system will pull up any records it has on file that correlate with the information given. The searcher will be presented with a quick overview of the type of documents and information available on that individual.

background_checks2If anything substantial is found and the searcher of records needs to see a detailed report. There will be an option to make a small payment. After the payment is made; practically an unlimited research potential is presented to the searcher of records.

For anyone that needs to do a full blown records check that will have national, state, and city records search this is a great source to get started with. Its not always enough to just do a local country criminal background check. Most local and state agencies don’t share information state to state. So you’ll need a service that pulls information from all state and agencies and combines them into one database for easy search.

Now doing a search by name isn’t always enough. Lets say you only have a phone number or an email address. Free reverse phone lookup can be done in a snap of your fingers by doing a quick google search of the phone number in question. But not all phone numbers are listed. Lets say its an unlisted cell phone number you need to do a reverse a search on. In this case you need a company that purchases databases from large phone providers.

For pre employment background check. See the official guide provided by the SBA siteĀ the guide covers how to legally handle doing research on potential employees.

For anyone who wants to make sure their employment background check will go accordingly. Its advised to do a background check at