Flex Seal Review: Is Flex Seal Brite Legit or a Scam

flex sealFlex Seal Review / Flex Seal Brite Review.

Most of the items needed for household repairs are used infrequently, but are invaluable when an emergency occurs. A product like Flex Seal might not be used on a daily basis, but you’re sure to be glad you have it when the need arises. For example, hosting overnight guests on an air mattress is normally a stress-free event—until the mattress springs an air leak. If you have Flex Seal on hand, it only takes one quick application to patch the leak and ensure the comfort of your guests for the remainder of their stay.

What is Flex Seal?
Flex Seal is a liquid spray that coats, seals and protects the majority of materials and surfaces. Once you spray Flex Seal onto a surface, the thick, rubbery liquid will seep into any holes and cracks and form a watertight seal. After allowing the material to dry, you can paint it if desired. Flex Seal comes in a small, portable bottle that is extremely easy to transport and apply. There is no need for buckets and mixing and zero clean-up required.

What is Flex Seal Used For?
Flex Seal is a recommended product for a variety of different areas of your home including duct work, air conditioning drip pans, leaking roofs, gutters, downspouts, flashings, window seals, skylights and more.



Does Flex Seal Work?
Flex Seal’s manufacturer claims that their product “stops leaks fast and is the easy way to coat, seal and protect anything.” The June 2012 issue of Consumer Reports published an article titled “Flex Seal: Handyman in a Can?” which investigated the manufacturer’s suggestions and found them to be accurate. The magazine even coated the bottom of a boat with Flex Seal and verified that it floated just as shown in the Flex Seal commercial.

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flex seal reviewWhat Flex Seal Is Used For:

- Gutters

- Roofs

- Pipes

- Window Trim

- Cement Driveways

- Fountains and More

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