Diet Pills: Find Diet Pills That Work


Top Diet Pills List.

Quick note: Even the best diet pills aren’t an all in one weight loss tool. Mixing in a diet plan and some form of exercise will increase the chances of success and help develop sustainable weight loss disciplines.

Its also vital to do research when taking diet pills. Read actual user reviews, read the label / ingredients. Talk to your Doctor before undertaking a weight loss regimen involving diet pills. If purchasing diet pills in a local store. See if the pharmacist has a minute to share his or her knowledge involving the diet supplement or diet pill in consideration.


Top Diet Pill List One: Over the counter diet pills that work.

Alli Diet Pill: This pill was originally made to be a prescription pill. But is sold over the counter in smaller doses. Alli pills can be bought both online and in your local store. Main function of this pill is to digest less fat (about 25% less)

LipoFuze Diet Pill: Top selling pill; a herb based pill. Available online and for purchase inside a store.

Xenadrine: Popular top selling diet pill. Company is based out of New Jersey. Main ingredient in the pill is ephedrine. Ephedrine is supposed to help stimulate metabolism; helping the body burns fat faster.

TrimSpa: Contains an active ingredient called Hoodia (African Plant) which is supposed suppress appetite naturally (Currently there’s an investigation whether hoodia actually works on humans). Trimspa diet pills also contain other supplements including: glucosamine, cocoa extract, vanadium, glucomannan, and green tea.

Hoodia is an African plant (still under investigation whether it works on humans) It can be purchased alone and is also used as an active ingredient in other weight loss supplements such as TrimSpa.

Lean System 7: Active ingredient DHEA. DHEA has many uses and one of them is weight loss / metabolism control . There isn’t sufficient evidence that DHEA works. Yet some studies show it helped over weight aging people and not the younger age group.

Nuphedragen: Main ingredient is Synephrine: natural ingredient found in small citrus plants and is commonly used in weight loss pills (mainly acts as an appetite suppressant). Weight loss effects of this alkaloid are still debated.

Green Tea Extract Pills: Many green tea diet pill products are available on the market (careful choosing one). Studies find green tea extract beneficial in many health categories. Including weight loss; which may be do to a metabolism boost cause by high levels of caffeine.


Top Diet Pill List Two: Prescription diet pills that actually work.

Meridia Diet Pill: This is a prescription diet pill. Main function of Meridia is to effect the brains appetite sensors. Its supposed to help users feel full faster: end result less food intake and the person isn’t hungry. This can be a costly pill (around $120 monthly)

Glucophage Pill – metformin:
Byetta Pill – exenatide: Both pills are prescribed to patients with diabetes. Both are also used by overweight people to loose weight. Glucophage creates lower levels of glucose in the body and enhances sensitivity to insulin. Creating the effect of being less hungry and less food intake. Byetta is sometimes taken in combination but on its own it slows the food flow from stomach to the small intestine; keeping the user feeling fuller longer.

Xenical Diet Pill: Xenical is a prescription diet pill and the big brother of the Alli Pill which available over the counter (50% the strength) See Alli excerpt above for effects and function information.

Belviq Diet Pill: This is a new diet pill that just passed FDA (should be available end of 2012 for special use and more accessible beginning of 2013; see your doctor for details) Belviq works by making the brain produce extra serotonin (a brain chemical that enhances satisfaction and mood) Supposedly the drug only works with serotonin receptors that effect the appetite. The initial testing results are pretty good: about half the users lost 5% of their body weight within a period of a year.

Qsymia Diet Pill: Also a new diet pill for 2012: available today with a prescription. In clinical trials test patients lost around 10 percent of their weight. This is slightly higher then Belviq. Qsymia works by suppressing appetite (its a combination of two drugs in one pill) appetite suppression is caused by making the brain release norepinephrine that help produce more blood concentration of leptin: which is the appetite/hunger control hormone. This just might be one of the most effective weight loss pills to go on the market ever. But since its in the beginning stages as is belviq; some doctors are concerned over the possibility of serious side effect.

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