Diamond Worth: Sell My Diamonds Guide.

For those looking to sell their diamonds. Its important to do some homework. First find out what your diamond is worth (a rough estimate will do) Will have diamond calculator links at the end of this post. After you have a basic value estimated. Shop around for the best price.

Common ways to sell diamonds/jewelry.

1) Sell Online: I’m talking about the cash for diamonds sites. Diamonds are shipped by mail (make sure its insured) and somebody on the receiving end will make you an offer. If you aren’t happy with the offer your diamonds get sent back.

Pros: Fast, not many questions asked.
Cons: Some will charge for return shipping, lower payouts.

2) Local Jewelry Shops: Many local jewelry shops buy diamonds and used jewelry.

Pros: Multiple places can be visited in one day for best pricing, fast payout.
Cons: Medium payouts.

3) Sell it on Craigslist or Ebay.

Pros: This will usually result in more money because you’re not selling wholesale.
Cons: Takes longer, more work involved.

Here’s a How To Sell Jewelry Report done by CBS.

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